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Why join Gold Star Mortgage Financial?


Gold Star Mortgage Financial endeavors to provide the highest level of home financial guidance to our family of customers during their lifetime of changing homeownership needs. Our commitment to industry-leading technology and collaborative innovation shapes our five star borrower experience and out culture that rewards high performance and continuous improvement.


We are a proactive, innovative team committed to designing customized solutions for our clients, collaborators, and staff, guaranteeing exceptional experiences without fail. Authenticity and diligence define us as we relentlessly pursue perfection, rejecting the notion of settling for anything less than excellence. Excuses are not part of our ethos; instead, we continuously push boundaries, always aiming higher. Our ethos is centered on action, and our track record speaks for itself.

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Run your business with more control and
minimal limitations

Self-service is the best service

Top -tier channel marketing support


A world class support team

Best tools, best people

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Dynamic pricing

Work-life balance

Lower rates

Competitive compensation

Proven processes

Ready to get started?

Forge a competitive edge for yourself and your business by gaining exclusive access to a suite of marketing services and state-of-the-art resources. These empower you to effectively promote your business, engage with clients, cultivate leads, and automate communications. With these tools supporting your endeavors, you can concentrate more on lending, reassured that you're not neglecting your marketing strategy.

Take the Next Steps


Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-05.png
Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-05.png

Behind every mortgage there is a person. We are passionate about delivering exceptional service, and we are committed to giving out customers the best homeownership experience possible


Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-06.png
Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-06.png

We challenge the status quo. We strive to get better every day whether it be a process, technology, or personal performance. We strive for the highest possible standards in everything we do.


Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-09.png
Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-09.png

Our team members are our greatest asset. We celebrate successes and recognize achievement. Serving homeowners and achieving our goals are a team effort.


Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-07.png
Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-07.png

Our long-term reputation is more important than our short-term gains. We work to develop and maintain quality relationships through our everyday interactions with homeowners, business partners and team members.


Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-08.png
Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-08.png

We are not finger pointers. We are problem-solvers. If something does not go as planned, we take ownership and strive to learn from it and improve it.


Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-10.png
Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-10.png

We will not rest until we’ve provided the best experience. It requires the audacity to continuously raise the bar and intentionally iterate beyond what is considered “enough.”

Raise the Bar


Good vibes only.

Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-04.png


Work happens wherever YOU are.


We consider ourselves a modern, employee-first organization with a majority of our workforce working remotely. Why? Because we believe in supporting our employees with the best technology to increase connectivity and efficiency. Commuting 45 minutes one way isn't the best use of time—so why not put that time back in our employees' day?

Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-03.png


We offer more than a workplace.


When you mix great tech with great people, you can't lose! At Gold Star Mortgage Financial, we're positioned to help you grow your business and career by providing you with state-of-the-art tools and putting some of the best people in the business in your corner. And we're not just blowing smoke; our business is built on having incredible people that believe in what we're trying to achieve. As for the technology—well, tech is what we do. And we work tirelessly to improve our tools and platforms to better the business for all.

Values and Culture Icons - Hardin-02.png


Be a voice

not an echo.


We aim to foster an empowered culture where your ideas are important and your voice matters— we give you easy access to senior managers and leadership for assistance and to let your voice be heard. From our engineers to our LO's, the people are the backbone of our organization, and we truly value what each of them have to say. Our people make us who we are, so they deserve to have a say in who we're going to be.

Take the Next Step

The landscape of our industry is ever-evolving, and whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting out, the objective remains unchanged: advancing your business. The good news is, we're here to assist you in achieving precisely that.

At Gold Star Mortgage Financial, we ensure your momentum with a comprehensive array of resources—tools, training, technology, and the autonomy to steer your business trajectory. Why not align with a team that not only propels your success today but also prepares you for the challenges of tomorrow?

While others in the mortgage sector focus on immediate gains, we prioritize investments in technology, staff training, and an array of supportive tools—maintaining a steadfast path towards the future.

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Who We Are

Gold Star Mortgage Financial, we're a dynamic, forward-thinking, and expert team dedicated to crafting tailored solutions for our borrowers, partners, and employees, ensuring top-notch experiences every time.

We're authentic, diligent individuals who consistently strive for excellence, refusing to be confined by mediocrity. Settling isn't in our vocabulary. We persistently aim higher, refusing to make excuses.

We're all about action and we deliver.

We’re focused on providing the best experience

possible. How do we do that? It takes all of us to believe that moving forward together is how we achieve everything. Working together, collaborating, communicating, and respecting one another is how we become better for each other, our customers, and our partners. Remember—you are the experience.

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